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Beauty Made Easy - Denmark

We, at Beauty Made Easy have made a decision to be 100% plastic free cosmetic company by 2023. We will only use biodegradable and recyclable materials and aim to have zero waste policy.

Our line – Beauty Made Easy - Le Papier - is our first powerful step in that direction.

Maybe as one of the first companies in the world, we introduce a whole line of products which are: zero plastic – minimal waste - biodegradable – vegan – based on natural origin ingredients.

We use paper packaging, which is to be peeled off in tact of using the product. Thereby, when you have used up your lipstick, there is no outer packaging left. The small excess part left is biodegradable and can be put in your normal waste basket.
Wherever possible, we will not use any additional outer packaging to the products and keep our transport cartons to minimum.
We reuse, recycle and choose materials with lowest possible environmental impact.

On our planet we are all connected. Actions in one part of the world influence the other. We can´t just think about ourselves, we have to work together, finding solutions across our differences and in diversity.
The beauty industry generated over 142 billion units of packaging in 2018, which mostly ended up in either the ocean or landfills. Most of these billions of packaging are not recyclable. We want to change that. With Le Papier you do not have to worry about your product contributing to the wasteful beauty industry.

Le Papier is unique, one of a kind, specially made for you and our planet. We choose the change. We are taking the stand. What do you choose?

Biodegradable Paper Packaging

The paper packaging is made of biodegradable paper sourced from sustainable Scandinavian forests. 100% Plastic-Free.

Doesn't cost the Earth but might just save it

Sustainability should be affordable for everyone. No need for compromises. We are making it easier to choose sustainably.

High quality natural ingredients

All the products contain high amounts of jojoba seed oil, coconut oil, and shea butter.

Our bestsellers

Get your hands on our best-selling plastic free lip products.
Your lips - and the Earth - will thank you for it.

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